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I have over ten years experience programming user interface in the private sector and department of defense contracting space. I am able to develop entirely new UI systems, or I can be dropped into an existing code-base and quickly become productive. I am also interested in automating the production pipeline in order to increase efficiency. On past projects, I have built various tools that have drastically reduced development time and cost.


Carley Corporation

08/2016 to present
  • Develop courseware for various military branches.
  • Tasked to develop new features, as well as debug existing features, for a government web application. Features were developed to completion with Angular 7 work on the client and ASP.NET with C# on the backend. The project was a database application using MS SQL.
  • Architect projects to be more modular to allow updates that could be applied across the entire project.
  • Implement development process and build the supporting tools to automate tasks.
  • Build custom tools for designers and graphic artists to assist them in production.

Electronic Arts - Tiburon

UI Scripter
1/2015 to 08/2016
  • UI Development in Flash for Madden Football game title using EA proprietary technology and pipeline.
  • Apply designs on top of existing UI framework for both in-game and frontend UI elements using Flash and Actionscript.
  • Develop new, as well as update existing components in Actionscript to be used in future game releases.
  • Assist other team members with automated scripts to streamline their work.


UI Engineer
07/2014 to 12/2014
  • Maintain and update legacy Flex applications related to web service driven eCommerce software.
  • Maintain and update web-based applications written in PHP on top of CakePHP.
  • Work with backend team to produce new features for existing applications.
  • Quickly trouble shoot QA reported bugs.

Carley Corporation Contracted by TechUSA

07/2013 to 07/2014
  • Develop SCORM compliant simulation training in Actionscript 3.
  • Lead the development of a NAVY Communication Room simulation. The simulation was considered “free-play” in that the user could virtually connect the multiple components in any configuration, and the system would function in a similar manner to real life. In order for the student to complete a particular scenario, however, they would need to connect a specific circuit that was provided.
  • Assist in development on several simulations that were SCORM compliant, and free standing, but also used in the other projects as tools, such as a multimeter, or TDR.
  • Contribute to general purpose framework used by other projects.
  • Create scripts in python, JSFL (JS based Flash IDE language), and batch that assisted in reducing time during production.

Electronic Arts - Tiburon Contracted by APEX Systems

UI Scripter
11/2012 to 07/2013
  • UI Development in Flash for NCAA Football 14 game title using EA proprietary technology and pipeline.
  • Apply designs on top of existing UI framework for both in-game and frontend UI elements using Flash and Actionscript.
  • Develop new, as well as update existing components in Actionscript to be used in future game releases.

General Dynamics IT Contracted by Hudson IT

Web Programmer
11/2011 to 06/2012
  • Create online training material for the VA with the front-end written in DHTML/JavaScript. Classic ASP was used to communicate to the MSSQL database. Courses had varying degrees of 508 restrictions to be considered, as well as SCORM and LMS integration.
  • Used jQuery to add additional effects to new or existing projects. Built a functional prototype demonstrating the use of jQuery with AJAX to simplify the existing client-side development process while maintaining 508 compliance.
  • Developed a prototype version of an office style simulation to train management level employees for the VA. The simulation GUI was developed in Flash Builder with Flex 3.6 and utilized SOAP services for bilateral server communication. It included several simulated tools that would be found in the employee’s environment, such as an email system and phone with messaging. The user was expected to respond according the situation that was being presented, and was grading based on their actions.

nFocus Software Under contract to General Dynamics C4S

Courseware Developer
01/2008 to 11/2011
  • Design and Develop courseware for military training using variety of technology, including Flash, HTM/CSS, and other third-party software.
  • Design and Develop SCORM compliant courseware for military training using HTML/CSS and Saba software tools to be deployed in Saba LMS.
  • Develop online help systems for existing military software.
  • Assisted in the maintenance of the flagship product, KidTrax, which was an ASP.NET MVC web application written in C# with MS SQL as the database.
  • Helped design and develop the company website built in Wordpress with a custom theme that used PHP, Javascript, and jQuery.

Unitech Contracted by Skillstorm

Flash Developer
10/2007 to 01/2008
  • Developed military training simulations and interactive media.
  • Assisted with company promotional material.
  • Optimized Unitech’s Language Training Tool built in Flash, making for easier maintenance.
  • Updated portions of the HTML/AJAX version of the Unitech-One company website.

Candace Crowe Design

Interactive Developer
08/2005 to 10/2007
  • Developed client web sites using HTML and CSS, with minor PHP.
  • Maintenance of client hosting and SEO.
  • Created support graphics and client logos for websites and promotional materials.
  • Developed a Flash application written in Actionscript 2 used by doctors for patient education which was deployed on touch screen iMacs as a kiosk system. The project was ported to web to allow the clients to embed the Flash interface into their existing website. A CMS was developed in PHP to allow the clients to update portions of the interface.



  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • ECMAScript 6
  • Actionscript
  • C#
  • ASP
  • ASP.NET in C#
  • PHP
  • Objective-C
  • Swift

Libraries & Frameworks

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • CakePHP
  • Flex
  • PureMVC
  • Robot Legs
  • Parsley

Other Tools

  • Batch Scripting
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Web Services
  • NodeJS
  • Unity Engine
  • Design Patterns
  • Relational DB
  • Version Control


Projects Coming Soon


A.S. - Interactive Design

Valencia College

Technical Certificate - Computer Programming

Valencia College